Monday, July 7, 2008

The Joys of Living in Color

I grew up in New Jersey where the four seasons of the years are each distinct and the fall is amazingly colorful. In some ways I feel my life is enriched for having so many likes and experiences that represent a broad list of the beautiful (and not so beautiful) things of life: I enjoy teaching kids how to play drums; I enjoy reading philosophy; my niece and nephew call me "The Claw" because I hunt them down in the pool; I love tennis and chess; I love learning languages, although I struggle with Hebrew; I'm the happiest man next to my wife and children; I've been pained by the suffering among some of the children of D.R.; seen the poverty and longings of the Cuban people; love the romance of Quebec City; climbed Chichen Itza , love to study and teach La Biblia . . . and so much more.

I'm a blessed man.

Many would call me a generalist because of the many likes and interests I possess. This is why I've called my blog "Musings 'de muchos colores' (of many colors)." Here are some of the things I will probably be writing about:
* Spiritual issues
* Theological topics and questions I ponder
* My thoughts on trips to Cuba
* Some family stuff
* What I'm learning from my readings
* What I'm learning from others
* Personal experiences
* ¿Quien sabe qué más? (who knows what else?)

I'll be writing mostly Monday-Thursday of each week. Please feel free to respond to any of my posts at any time.
Por Su gracia y fidelidad . . .


Anonymous said...

hi dad,you are lucky to have a great family. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

hi tio, thanks for teaching me how to dive. It was scary at first but then it was ok.


Tommy Carrington said...

Wow -- Look at you with your own Blogspot. Way to go Dr. Felipe! That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hi Yoyo, you know who it is. I don't think anyone else still calls you that except for Tia (ur mom). I've marked your blog on my favs. You're more than my first cuz, you're my big bro. Now you have this cool blog! I can check in on your recent finds. I love you mucho!

Armida said...

Hi Roger. This blog looks great! We're looking forward to hearing what you have to say!

Armida & Ben

Anonymous said...

Hi Roger,
I love the idea. I'll be leaving comments soon, time is quite tight right now. Congratulations and hope the Lord keeps blessing you and your whole family.
Luis and Gury