Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Energy Sources - Consider Pickens' Plan

Sometimes people give up and do nothing when facing difficult circumstances. They loose all hope for change. However, the American people are starting to believe that we can do something about our dependence on foreign oil. Perhaps you are aware of how much we depend on other countries for fuel. But, are you aware of the escalating amount of money being paid to these countries each year in order to keep our economy working each day?

If you watch TV you have probably seen advertisements for the "PickensPlan". I took a moment to go online and read through some of the material. There's a video which lasts about four minutes which you can link to. After checking out the web site you may want to become involved in promoting this plan. The fact is that our dependence on foreign oil is almost at 70%. The next 10 years, accoring to the Pickens' web site, will cost us $7 Trillion dollars. Link on to the plan and let others know about it:

The oil crisis is just one area of our national life where we can't afford to simply throw up our arms in defeat. Our national defense, our future economic prosperity, and the well being of our country in years to come will be closely related, in part, to how we respond to this energy crisis.

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