Monday, December 15, 2008

The Gift of Living Missionally: Worship

As Christians we want to share the love of God with people. Not only do we do so because God commands us to share his message, but because we have personally experienced his love (we know God has forgiven us and has accepted us as his children), but also because the love of God for sinners has been poured into our hearts. That is, we truly love people and want them to experience God's forgiveness.

The Bible says, "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us" (Romans 5:8). Serving others and sharing the gift of God's love with them is the mission of the Church. We call this missional living. However, missions will not last forever. Why? Because missions is not the goal, only the means to the goal: the worship of God. And this is the real reason for why we want to reach out to people and witness to God's love. We know that people will be better off when they come to know God personally and know his plans for their lives. This is why the gift of missions is worship: the glory, good pleasure, praise and worship of God by his creatures.

Helping sinners find the cross and understand the reason for Christ’s death and resurrection (missional living) is not the goal. The worship of God by sinners is. To serve the poor, feed the hungry, educate the masses, and heal humanity’s pain is not the goal. The worship of God by those who are set free is. The enjoyment of the good things in life and the good pleasures of life is not the goal of our existence. The worship of God’s children who acknowledge that all good gifts come from him is.

As we enjoy another Christmas season let us be on the lookout for the opportunities God will give us to share the gift of his Son with people. As we develop relationships with others and spend time with folks may they see in us the peace and hope that flood our hearts because we have placed our confidence in God. And may we be ready, and willing, to point people to the Savior so that they too might experience God's hope, peace and forgiveness. May we not tire of living missionally so that people can come to know God, worship Him, and become followers of Jesus.
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