Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How Can I Read 6 Books @year & Remember What I Read? Part I

Do you like to read? Back on September 16 I posted on the need for us to continue growing by focusing, among other things, on reading. I love reading. In fact, one of the things I like to do most is to go through different books at the same time. On my desk in the office I have more than ten books that I am currently reading. I'm writing reviews on some of the books in order to share my thoughts in future blogspots. Most of what I read informs me about issues dealing with church life, culture, or help me to understand more clearly a biblical topic.

At home I do the same, reading tidbits of a particular book and moving to another topic often. Right now at home I'm reading through the massive (680 pages)"Mito y Realidad," (Myth and Reality) by Juan Clark which deals with the history of Cuba until the early 90s. But, I'm also peaking into "The Problem with Evangelical Theology" (Witherington), "How Christianity Changed the World" (Schmidt), and a few other titles. My practice is to glance at many books, magazines and journals, selecting for further reading those topics that interest me most at the time.

Yet I have to admit that with the exception of some books I've read, I would still have to go back to most of the books I've recently read in order to have a full conversation about their content. Of course, I can tell you a few things about most books I've read, but how about their details? Is there a way we can read a book that will help us gain mastery over its content? Yes. Can we read a half dozen books each year and be able to talk intelligently about their content? Yes. Tomorrow I will point you to a web article that will provide simple steps you can follow to read for comprehension and retention.

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Focus Up said...

I love to learn knew things. It is a blessing that you take the time to share what you have read with others(US) Thank you