Monday, August 4, 2008

The Favelas (Slums) of Rio de Janeiro: A Story of Faithfulness

Every once in while a story of courage and faithfullness comes our way. Recently I viewed a short video on the work of missionary Eric Reese from Albany, Georgia. The Favelas or slums of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, may be one of the poorest and most dangerous areas in all the world. What really hit home after watching this video is the dedication, commitment, and unrelenting spirit of Eric who risks his life as he ministers amist a slum of 100,000 folks who desparately need Jesus.

Eric's story challenges each of us to count the cost of Christ's calling, and to look deep in our hearts to reach out in sacrifice to others who need Christ. It also calls us to trust God when he calls us to do that which is beyond our own strength. To watch the video follow the link and scroll down to "Into the Favelas".
Por Su Gracia y Poder

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